GAY NAZI MaSSters and sslaves
In need of a Master

I’m a dirty paki boi in need of a Master will do anything.

I presume it’s in the UK.

Heil Hitler. this is a great page and given me many ideas on how to train my boys

Glad to hear it.  Always happy to share.

hace décadas unos viejos me mostraron los planos de un platillo volador de 500 m de radio de antes de la guerra , Hitler usando esoterismo debió conocer lo de Nibiru y esos platillos eran la esperanza de la humanidad , pero la maldad de los judíos y masones destruyó esa esperanza en la guerra , ¿ supo de ese plan de Hitler ?

Hay un par de shows en la televisión de aquí que van en eso. Si se trata de los Nazis, que lo veo.

Even as a lowly shit-eating slave, is it wrong of me to only want to serve white Masters? The appeal of serving a NAZI MaSSter is very strong to me.

It’s never wrong to only serve a White Master.

I'm from Germans how can I be your slave?

I like German sslaveboys. Present yourself to Me in NYC.

Shame i am in Ireland. Nice profile. Wonderful ideas. Would love to find myself thinking I am going to have a few hours fun and realise that i am to be kept and trained. You are an easy Follow!

Thanks, blake.  Let Me know if you ever get to NYC.

Who is the HOT NAZI at the podium SSIR?

I don’t know.  I liked the pic and reblogged it.